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Hi, I'm Sacha

I help passionate businesswomen crush subconscious blocks, overcome self sabotage and reach their health goals, in order to thrive in business & life!

Combining subconscious mind work, with mindset, physical exercise and nutrition to get you long lasting results fast. 


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One to One Coaching

In my revolutionary 12 Week 1:1 Health Program we crush subconscious blocks, overcome self sabotage and reach YOUR health goals, so you can thrive in business & life!




"Sacha helped me to get fit, so I could focus on my business. I feel much more confident and I finally lost those last 12 kilos :) It's amazing what feeling confident and strong in your body can do for your business."


"I was close to a burn out, but with the help of Sacha I learned to channel my stress better. We focused on exercise, nutrition and setting the right priorities. Now I will not go a day without moving my body and I know what things to eat to make me feel good. Highly recommended!"


" I was the sporty type, so exercise was not a problem for me but I was overwhelmed with all the business dinners and travel. Sacha taught me to stay fit and energetic during my business trips, which helped me to do much better in my business and feel more confident." 

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