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From 15 kilo overweight, living on sugar & diet soda's, severe confidence issues,

to optimised energy levels, maintaining my ideal body weight

effortlessly and living my best life yet!

Hi, I’m Sacha


and I’m probably a lot more like you than you think!



Since a very young age I was struggling with food, dieting, binge eating, severe confidence issues, to name a few. Even though I was at my heaviest 'only' 15 kilo overweight and people around me probably didn't even notice that I was dying with anxiety inside, the

daily struggle made me desperate.


My business was getting affected. Sales dropped, corporate relationships got harder, my patience was starting to get depleted and my energy & anxiety levels were out of whack. 

I'm sure you can relate, you are a business woman, you love your career and you are pretty good at it, but something feels off. You are not as successful as you want to be, life feels overwhelming. You feel tired all the time, no matter how much sleep you get or caffeine you consume, at the same time you have trouble falling asleep. You are constantly hungry, but also nauseous with acid reflux and you spend every second working or cleaning, yet nothing gets accomplished.


You know you have to take care of yourself, but you simply can’t find the time or energy to do it. You (try to) eat fairly healthy, but if the afternoon dip strikes you grab that chocolate bar, only to leave you feeling depleted after a massive energy crash later. Keeping all the balls in the air of work, kids, house and social life, is overwhelming and some days you just want to crawl under your blanket and stay there forever.


Well, I was there too. Also, every mirror I passed I checked and criticised myself, every cookie, night out, business dinner or even a night alone on the couch became a struggle of what to eat. Feeling so conscious about my body in meetings and presenting on stage, I wanted to lose weight, be energetic and confident so badly but kept ordering pizza or the fried fish, I kept reaching for chocolate and cookies when I felt bad. In the end I started to think that being in great shape was not available to me and I wanted to give up all together. 

In the hope of finding a solution for myself, I started studying for health coach and personal trainer, but even then I couldn’t get myself to lose the weight, ditch the diets sodas and stop my ongoing daily struggle with food. How was that even possible? I was learning everything about eating and living healthy, the human body and exercise and yet I was not able to get myself to eat healthy, ditch the sugar, diets sodas (and smoking), feel good in my body and lose those damn 15 kilos! What the hell was that about?

I realised something deep down was holding me back, something that threw me off track when I was a couple of days into my new healthy life. After studying a lot about the mind, the subconscious mind, meditation, motivation and transformational therapy, I found out that I had emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I learned that if the mind is programmed in a certain way, even the greatest knowledge and all the willpower in the world won't be enough to make a real change. The blocks and beliefs I had, were installed a loooong time ago, but that were still keeping me in the same place: unhappy with my body, a constant struggle with food, dieting and binge eating and unable to be as healthy s I wanted to be.

Next to my own ongoing struggle with bad habits and the frustrating vicious cycle of dieting and binge eating, many family members are overweight and not in great shape. Since I can remember my mother was heavily overweight and it broke my heart to see her apologising always for eating, for her body, for not being fit, for not being healthy, for not being able to keep up with us, seeing her struggle with confidence but still unable to lose those kilos and take care of herself. Then she would be super happy for three days on a strict diet, lose two kilos, but in no time failing and going back to overeating and being unhappy with herself and her body. It broke my heart to see her eating all day and at the same time touching her belly shamefully. It breaks my heart even more that my mother never found the right tools to take care of herself.

Seeing my mother struggling and my own struggles with food, my weight and my body image impacted my self-image as a successful businesswoman more than I want(ed) to admit. 



That’s why I was so determined and never gave up on

myself and my dream to be happy, healthy and free. I knew that only then I could also feel 100% comfortable in my role as businesswoman and only then I would have enough

headspace and energy to chase all my (big dreams). 

Combining my own experience with studying for health coach, personal trainer and hypnotherapist (among other tools to

work on the subconscious mind) I’m so thrilled that I finally

have ALL tools together to maintain my ideal body weight

with ease, to have endless energy, to enjoy life

to the fullest and never have to worry if I should eat that

cookie or not and if my body is good enough.


To be free to spend all that energy, time and money that I

wasted on diets, feeling bad about myself, punishing myself, in

my business and in the things I love instead.


I’m even more thrilled that I can share ALL my tools with

motivated, ambitious businesswomen just like you to stop

the endless struggle with food, have their dream body with

ease and focus all that energy on having a successful

business and happy life!

I'm sharing this with you, because I want you to know that even if you tried everything and you feel desperate, there is a solution for you! The diet culture might have made you believe that you can only lose weight, be fit and maintain your dream body if you deprive yourself and be on a strict exercise regime. Luckily that is not true! 

Together we will find the root cause of why you didn't manage yet to be in your best shape yet, we will design a training program that is right for YOU and teach you how to be so in tune with your body that you only eat when hungry, until full!

Professional Bio Sacha:

15+ years experience as Project Manager in various (global) sports projects

4+ years experience in health coaching

Master of Social Science (Cum Laude)

Health Coach (IIN)

Personal Trainer (NASM)

RTT Practitioner (Marisa Peer School, advanced hypnosis)

Yoga & Meditation Teacher (Therapeutic)

Trained in various transformational techniques, like hypnosis, EFT, visualisations.  

Ambitious businesswoman since age 4 ;)




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