Lockdown took it's toll, on everyone!

Join me for 21 days to:

Reconnect with your body & feel great in your skin again!


  • Get out of your own way and reconnect with your true self

  • Get back in tune with your body through exercise and nutrition that makes YOU thrive

  • Feel great in your skin again and like what you see in the mirror

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She remembered who she was and the game changed - Lalah Deliah

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The 21 days starts with a powerful transformational session where we go into your subconscious mind to discover what is holding you back from being your best self right now. We get rid of emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and old mechanisms that are not serving you anymore. 

The subconscious mind drives 95% of our behaviour


Using a technique called Rapid Transformation Therapy, we get to the core of the issue and get results FAST! 

_For the first time in 30 years I am no

Thrive with the right nutrition for YOU

There is no one-diet fits all.

Discover a way of eating that makes YOU thrive, that makes you happy & enjoy life.

Find what works for you and what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

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You are one workout away from a good mood!


With my fun & effective workouts you are back in shape & feel more energised again

in no time.


This is what you get

 1 Individual Transformational Session + Personalised Hypnotic Recording (value € 499,-)

 3 Weeks Personal Training (value € 450,-)

 Personalised Nutrition Advise (value € 299,-)

 Accountability & Support (value € 499,-)

TOTAL VALUE € 1.747,- 


Get it now for € 550,-

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*Spaces are be limited, offer available until Feb 15, 12PM CET

It completely changed my life - Christine Seibold

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Christine has been on every diet on the planet before she met me. This is what she has to say:⁠

"Sacha is an amazing coach and has truly helped me on my weight loss journey so much.⁠

I started with the 12 week weight-loss program that combined workouts and 

diet along with a hypnose session and it has completely changed my life. I lost weight for 12 weeks in a row, even while I was going through some very stressful personal matters.⁠


After the 12 weeks I have continued to work with her so that I can stay accountable and lose the rest of the weight that no longer serves me and my body.⁠Sacha has been there for me every step of the way and I am so grateful to have met her and worked with her.


I strongly recommend her and her program for anyone who has gained and lost weight their whole lives and are ready to finally lose the weight for the last time."⁠


Christine Seibold, Owner & Founder FreelanceNFreedom⁠⁠ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️⁠


Why 21 Days:

Reconnect is perfect to do exactly that: reconnect with your body, reconnect with your true self and feel great in your skin again. The subconscious mind needs 21 days to integrate new habits & behaviours.

Do I need a gym membership:

No! You can do the trainings at the comfort of your own home.


What other equipment will I need:

Some dumbbells, a workout mat and 2 resistance bands. In the pre-program assessment we will deep dive in your level of fitness and define what you exactly need for your trainings.


Is now the right time to join:

If not now, then when? You are here because you want a change, so let’s go for it! You’ve got this! The Valentine's Special is a ONE Time offer! Make sure to grab it fast :)


What if I need more than 21 days:

After the 21 Days you can join the Monthly Membership together with the other beautiful women that worked with me before. 

Hi, I'm Sacha!

I’m Sacha, Transformational Health Coach, Rapid Transformation Therapist and Personal Trainer specialised in Weight

Loss and Body Confidence.


Since I was very young I have been struggling with food on a daily basis and having severe body image issues no matter how much I weighed. Coming from a family where everyone was overweight and comforting difficult situations, emotions and celebrations with food was the norm, left me feeling it was impossible for me to have a healthy relationship with food and maintaining a normal body weight with ease.


I know how exhausting it is to lose some kilos, gaining them back and some more, being overwhelmed with all the contradictory diet and exercise advice, feeling like a failure, desperate for change, but nothing seems to work.


The thought of having to live like that for the rest of my life, made me dig under every stone and find all the tools to make a long lasting change. Now I am a certified health coach, personal trainer, RTT Practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher and last but not least I learned everything about the power of the mind and how to make transformational shifts on a deeper level.


I uncovered some deep rooted emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in myself that were holding me back and keeping me from reaching my happy weight, being happy and free.


I wanted freedom, happiness, energy and a healthy body, and I found it. Now I am ready to give you the same!