Business women,

are you ready to optimise your greatest asset (YOU)?



As a (successful) businesswoman you know deep down that

you have to take care of yourself to be able to help others.

You know the drill "fill your own cup first" or "put on your own oxygen mask first". 

I get it, it's not easy! You simply can’t find the time or energy to do it. You (try to) eat fairly healthy, but if the afternoon dip strikes

you grab that chocolate bar, only to leave you feeling depleted after a massive energy crash later. Keeping all the balls in the

air of work, kids, house and social life, is overwhelming and some days you just want to crawl under your blanket and stay there forever.You feel guilty to take time for you, you think everyone else is more important than you and you just don't have the energy to prepare healthy meals or let alone doing exercise.

Truth bomb: optimising your greatest asset (YOU) is necessary

to (keep) thriving in business & life! 

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I spent almost 3 decades spinning my wheels.

Working 60+ hours a week. Living on sugar and caffeine.

Looking confident on the outside, but dying with anxiety on the inside.

Taking business meetings more serious than my own health.

Not being happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Just to name a few.....

In only 12 weeks of 1:1 online coaching you can optimise your energy levels, get your unwavering confidence back and go from surviving to thriving! 

In the end it took it's toll on my business, BIG TIME! You can only pretend to be the best version of yourself for so long. And let's be real, to help your clients to your best ability, you have to be your best and strongest self, in body & mind that is!

For you I want something different. I don't want you to go down the same road I did. 

I want you to be able to (keep) thriving in your business, feel good, have all the energy you need to follow your wildest dreams and yes, also like what you see in the mirror.  

That's what brings me here today. I'm here to save you time, money, and energy, getting you in no time exactly what you want by combining the latest transformational methods and years of experience into a life-changing program.   


You accomplished so much in life and you know you should be able to feel energised and good about yourself. But something keeps holding you back, something keeps making you sabotage yourself and reaching your health goals. You start to eat healthier every Monday and promise yourself you will get back to your exercise program, only to see yourself failing at it (again) after a couple of weeks or even days.

I guess you tried EVERYTHING from personal trainers to accountability groups to energy healing.

Only to leave you feeling like a failure that you AGAIN couldn't stick to it.

Next to the overwhelming frustration and disappointment you feel from not being able to take care of yourself, I bet you have been suffering in silence from some other side effects:

  • Lack of energy that make you need coffee, sugar, and other stimulants just to get you through the day

  • Uncontrollable hunger and cravings constantly distracting you and drain your willpower as you spend an excessive amount of time trying to convince yourself not to eat

  • Feeling unsexy and having a nonexistent sex drive makes you feel guilty towards your husband or partner

  • An inability to focus or concentrate is killing your productivity and preventing you from reaching your full career potential

  • You are too tired to run around with your kids

  • Your fear of not being taken serious is taking over lately


You probably think: “having optimal energy levels or my 'dream body' is just not for me” and gave up all together.


Maybe you even convinced yourself that you are just not a gym bunny, you should be happy with what you have, you are sort of healthy after all and you convinced yourself that feeling energised all the time or 'dream bodies' are only “for other people”.  And, anyway, you want to enjoy life, you don’t have time for diets, gyms and definitely don’t feel like depriving yourself for the rest of your life.

Well, guess what! Here is some good news for you:

feeling energised all the time and liking what you see in the mirror IS

available to you and you can reach

it without struggle or depriving yourself!

Introducing my Transformational 12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program for optimised energy levels, unwavering confidence and liking what you see in the mirror.


A program designed exclusively for ambitious, successful businesswomen. Love yourself enough to level up!


I’m Sacha, Transformational Health Coach specialised, Personal Trainer and Rapid Transformational Therapist 


Since I was very young I have been struggling with food on a daily basis and having severe body image issues no matter how much I weighed. Coming from a family where everyone was overweight and comforting difficult situations, emotions and celebrations with food was the norm, left me feeling it was impossible for me to have a healthy relationship with food and maintaining a normal body weight with ease.


I know how exhausting it is to lose some kilos, gaining them back and some more, being overwhelmed with all the contradictory diet and exercise advice, feeling like a failure, desperate for change, but nothing seems to work.


The thought of having to live like that for the rest of my life, made me dig under every stone and find all the tools to make a long lasting change. Now I am a certified health coach, personal trainer, RTT Practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher and last but not least I learned everything about the power of the mind and how to make transformational shifts on a deeper level.


I uncovered some deep rooted emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in myself that were holding me back and keeping me from reaching my happy weight, being happy and free.


I wanted freedom, happiness, energy and a healthy body, and I found it! 



Even more excited, I now had ALL the tools to make major shifts in anyone and help any woman achieve optimal energy levels, her dream body and unwavering confidence. The more I talked about it, the more women I found that had the exact same struggles and desires as me.


That’s when my revolutionary 12 Week 1:1 program was born.


You deserve to transform your health, body and life exactly to how you want it to be!


In only 12 weeks you can be in a total different place and enjoy:


Walking into every room with unshakable confidence

Liking what you see in the mirror

Feeling sexy and amazing in your own skin

Being so in tune with your body that you know exactly what and when to eat

Feeling on top of the world

Having all the energy you need to thrive in your business

Living your best life yet


We know by now that white knuckle ourselves through the latest fat diet or workout program doesn't work. 


I proudly introduce to you the magic formula for optimised energy levels, unwavering confidence and being your best self, that helped me and my clients to finally reach their goals:


Eliminating Blocks & Self Sabotage

  • Get rid of hidden emotional blocks and limiting beliefs: 95% of our behaviour is driven by our subconscious mind. If we just decide consciously  to eat healthier we work with 5% of our conscious mind against 95% of our subconscious mind. So let’s first take away emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and self sabotage that are holding you back from your most energetic & ehalthiest self. 


  • Stop the struggle with dieting & binge eating: every diet brings you further from your ideal body. Diets are doomed to fail, actually 98% of all diets fail. Yet you tend to blame yourself and you don’t think to blame the process of dieting that is responsible for this massive failure rate.  How ironic is that? Dieting is often a trigger for overeating and it is very detrimental for your confidence and health. It’s time to stop the struggle and learn to trust your internal wisdom.

  • Reconnect with your inner guide: deep down you know what is best for you, let’s reconnect with your intuition to get the best out of you. As a baby and little child you had unwavering confidence and a perfect relationship with your body, food, exercise. Somewhere along the way you lost that ability. The goal is to be a winning team with your mind and so in tune with your body that you know exactly what to eat and when to eat, how to move your body and when to rest.

Nutrition and Exercise that make YOU thrive:

  • ​Know exactly what is good for your body: when you know what and when to eat, how and when to exercise and when to take rest there are no doubts in your head. You can approach food and exercise with freedom and confidence without depriving or restricting yourself. 

  • Eat foods that make you and your body thrive: every body is different, what might work for you, might be counterproductive for me. You will learn exactly which foods make you feel on top of the world and help you reach your goals. You will also learn to enjoy your favourite foods without any guilt or negative impact on your desired results.

  • Move your body because you love it: our bodies are made to move! Daily movement increases our energy levels, boosts our mood, it gives us clarity, energy and confidence! When you are done with me, I guarantee you that you will absolutely love to train and take care of your body every day!

Mind Power & Self Love

  • Use and develop mind power! Will power is a limited resource and gets depleted easily, which will not bring us closer to our goals. So let's focus on mind power; learning how your mind works and how to make it work for you in stead of against you. Mind power is unlimited, every time you work on it, it gets stronger!

  • Fall in love with yourself and your body: if punishing yourself and telling yourself ugly things would help you to be as fit s you want to be, you wouldn’t be here, you tried that more than enough, I’m sure ;)! In this program you will learn a new way: setting and reaching your goals from a place of love!

  • Walk into every room with Beyoncé confidence: the worst feeling is being conscious about yourself and your body, feeling uncomfortable, unworthy in business meetings or presenting on stage. Well, those days are over! You will obtain so much confidence that Beyoncé would be jealous of.


Pre-program assessment where we identify your struggles and desires, where we set your goals and make a master plan to make sure you get the results you want.

Private 1:1 coaching sessions to give you the highest level of focused, individualised attention. These transformational sessions will give you insight of what was holding you back all this time, we identify and eliminate deep-rooted emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your dream body.

Between session support will keep you on track! Questions that come up after the 1:1 sessions, the nutritional advice and/ or the tailored training program will be answered fast to keep momentum and keep you going for the win.

Nutritional and behavioural advice to make sure you get so in tune with your body that you know exactly what and when to eat without depriving or restricting yourself.

Custom workout program designed specially for you that you can do from the comfort of your own home! It's basically having a personal trainer (me :) with you 24/7 who designs your workouts, keeps you accountable and motivates you where needed. 

Custom transformational recordings to fast track your transformation and make sure it lasts.

SOS calls or WhatsApp for those moments that you really need it!





  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired

  • You believe in the power of the subconscious mind

  • You feel that there is a deeper reason why you didn't reach your goal until now

  • You are willing to invest in yourself



  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You don't have time to invest 30 minutes a day in your health

  • You don't feel the need for long lasting change

Full disclosure:

Availability is limited!

Due to the 1:1 nature of the program, only a handful of clients are admitted at a time.

Maintaining a small client roster ensures you receive top quality, personalised attention. 

Prospective clients are added to a waitlist if the current client roster is full.

Don't miss your opportunity to apply when seats are available! 


Why 12 Weeks:

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to achieving optimal health. Although you will make major shifts very early on in the program, getting fit and building long lasting habits takes time.

Do I need a gym membership:

No! You can do the trainings at the comfort of your own home.


What other equipment will I need:

Some dumbbells, a workout mat and 2 resistance bands. In the pre-program assessment we will deep dive in your level of fitness and define what you exactly need for your trainings.


Is now the right time to join:

If not now, then when? You are here because you want a change, so let’s go for it! You’ve got this!


What if I need more than 12 weeks:

After the 12 Weeks you can join the Monthly Membership together with the other beautiful women that did the 12 Week Program.


OK, now it is your time to make some real changes!

If you've made it this far, there's no doubt you're serious about taking your physique in your own hands. You're no longer willing to accept living the rest of your life with a mediocre body, failing health, and the ever-increasing lack of self-confidence that plagues you as a result. You're unwilling to go another day, month, or year pretending everything is okay and attempting to figure things out on your own. You are ready to take massive action and empower yourself with the knowledge, strategies, and tactics you need to rewrite your health and fitness destiny.

You're just one click away from starting a journey that has the power to change absolutely everything! Click the button below to schedule your FREE 30-minute Strategy Call. Let's talk about you, your goals, and how Dream Body Express can help you ditch those kilos, have unwavering body confidence and maintain your ideal weight effortlessly!